“Business runs successful when people work together. Different strategies do matter, but common goals matters more.”

  • Sales is about flexibility

    Sales is about flexibility

    There is a new market, a new product or only the need to grow faster. Ever tried to hire a salesrep? Then you know that it takes budget and some luck to succeed and in front of all a lot of time. That is the reason why flexibility is a significant driver for outsourcing sales tasks. If you want to avoid the long and hard way to your success including costs and risks by the hiring process, Erdeon may be your perfect partner. Sales on demand and always on high level.
  • Sales is about costs

    Sales is about costs

    Are you tired of adding people to your payroll and investing in phones, laptops, office space and other resources without a guaranteed result. With an outsourced sales you start to pay for things that you really need. New customers, the perfect partner or the best fitting support to your sales specialists. Erdeon can reduce your fix sales costs and increase your revenues.
  • Sales is about risk

    Sales is about risk

    Sharing means caring. You can share the risk with us and we are happy to take over the bigger part. Working with Erdeon means lower upfront costs, no longterm contracts and no employment issues. As a result with a minimum of risk you can use our services as often as you need, as long as you want and as flexible as possible.
  • Sales is about network

    Sales is about network

    If you don't want to search for new opportunities you have to know, where they are. The best and cost efficiant way is to have a strong, active and professional business network. As an Erdeon customer you have automatically access to our international IT business network. SME and large enterprises, IT Service and Solution Provider, offshore and onshore deliveries - we know the best for your success.

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